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You can tell MACROS have really thought about customer satisfaction as the meals are dietitian designed and taste delicious, and you never get bored of the menu! I can’t believe they can make meals under 400 calories that still fill me up. THANK YOU MACROS for helping me on my weight loss journey, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!

Emma Blacklaw


What to think about as you begin your journey

By Marianne Hudson, Dietitian, MACROS

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Where does weight loss happen first? 

Where weight loss first occurs differs from person to person and is influenced mostly by genetics with age and sex also playing a role. For instance, research has shown that women will tend to first lose weight from the hips, while men will lose weight from their trunk. The implication is that it is not possible to target weight loss from one specific part of your body with diet or exercise. Infact, weight loss will happen from all over your body.

What can I do when weight loss plateaus? 

Hitting a plateau where you find it increasingly difficult to lose weight is a common frustration for people on a weight loss journey. Here is what to do if you hit a plateau. 

Recalculate your calorie budget. When you lose weight, your calorie needs change as your body changes. Reassess yourself accordingly and adjust your daily calorie intake as needed. 

Look for hidden calories in your diet. Tracking your calorie intake by calorie counting may reveal surprising sources of calorie-dense foods in your diet. These may throw you off track leading to a weight loss plateau. 

Adjust the balance of macronutrients in your meals. Reevaluate your protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake. Increasing protein can help preserve muscle mass and promote satiety. Ensure a balanced intake of healthy fats and carbs. A MACROS meal subscription can help by providing the options you need to manage your macro intake. 

Change up your exercise regime. Although diet and calorie intake are the main drivers of weight loss, exercise plays an important role too. Increasing how much exercise you do may help you get over a weight loss plateau. So too can diversifying your workouts. 

How does weight loss work? 

Your body needs a certain number of calories each day to perform basic functions and physical activities. When you enter a calorie deficit, consuming fewer calories than your body burns, your body breaks down stored fat into fatty acids and glycerol. These are then converted into energy. This process reduces fat stores, leading to weight loss. 

By creating a calorie deficit through a combination of diet, exercise, and healthy habits such as managing stress and getting enough sleep, you can achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy weight. 

Can weight loss affect my period? 

Yes, weight loss can affect your menstrual cycle. For instance, significant rapid weight loss can decrease your levels of estrogen, which plays a key role in regulating your menstrual cycle. Estrogen production can also diminish when your body fat drops below a certain level. This can lead to irregular periods or even the absence of menstruation. 

Stress can also play a part in disrupting your period. Weight loss efforts, particularly those involving extreme dieting or intense exercise, can increase physical and psychological stress. This may affect the part of the brain that regulates hormones involved in menstruation, potentially causing irregular cycles. 

It’s important to note that although weight loss can affect your period, it is relatively rare. If you're experiencing significant changes in your menstrual cycle, it's important to consult your GP or health care professional.